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My name is Bruce Biddlecome, and I am the founder of EAST CAROLINA ENERGY LLC.  We are in the business of RECONDITIONING BATTERIES.  Of course, my business is local in eastern North Carolina.  Many people are unaware that battery life can be doubled; even so-called non-rechargeable batteries.  This has been a very rewarding and exciting business for me.

I now wish to provide information on how YOU can also double the life of YOUR batteries: AA, AAA, C, D, 9v, auto, truck, marine, golf cart, and even forklift batteries.  You wouldn’t believe how easily and inexpensively you can learn how to do this.  My inspiration was through two gentlemen who cofounded a program that became the BEST in the industry.  One of them is Tom Ericson, who you can learn more about later.

If you are in eastern NC and wish to have your batteries reconditioned, please contact me:  see the contact information in this web site.  It’s under “Contact Bruce”.

If you wish to learn “how to do it yourself”, no matter WHERE YOU LIVE, then you may wish to take the quiz: